Monday, May 10, 2010

May Project

I'm going to do a story of my life video for the May project. This will be fun, I think. I already have a bunch of old pictures scanned on my computer at home, and can scan more. Looking back on my old memories in picture form is amazing, time has flown by and I am graduating in less than a month. So doing a senior slide show/video on my entire life will be perfect for my graduation party. And being able to do this for a class project is even cooler. Adding in the effects and music will be awesome too. I LOVE MUSIC, so this will tie into my life story so well. This project will take a lot of time and effort but it will definitely be worth it because I will be able to keep it forever. There will be a very wide variety of pictures, because I have taken so many throughout my life. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well it for sure is when it comes to my life. I have stories to tell for every picture I am in or have taken. I am really looking forward to this project.

Friday, May 7, 2010

collaborative writing thoughts

I am actually really glad we got a chance to do this collaborative writing proect. I was pretty skeptical at first, I admit, but all said and done, this was well worth it. Writing our ridiculous story about a boy getting attacked and killed then brought back to life as a vampire with really weird officers was so much fun! And working with these people I am not all too close with made it even better, getting to know them more was great! Putting all of our writing styles together to create such a story is so cool. Yes, parts of the story were absolutely ridiculous and somewhat awkward, but they were funny, and with a mystery-type story, it needed a little ridiculous humor. I am very pleased with the way our story turned out. And, after reading part of another group's narrative, looks like they did very well too. Writing is so great when you can choose what to write about and how to write it, and with the new technologies of writing collaboratively with each other through googledocs, this was a super cool way of writing a story. The personal narrative i started reading was very good, and I want to go back and finish reading it as soon as I can. Good job to that group!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

collaborative writing project

This project sounds interesting, but I'm not sure how I feel about writing something like a story and everyone adding in a page or so. I am not very good at being creative with writing, so if I had to write a page for a story everyone in the class would read and write part of, my part of the story would be really lame. But I did like the website we looked at where there were all those choices on what we could write about, like the multimedia scrapbook. That would be fun to make, and for my last year of high school, it would be really cool. Also, I saw a thing that you can make comics and characters, that would be more fun too, it could set the story up and the setting more I think. I would rather do something like that than a story. Or even poetry might actually be kind of interesting to write, but about what ever we want to though. I am not a very strong creative writer, but writing somewhat useless poetry, who knows what might come to me to end up writing about.

Friday, April 23, 2010

focused freewriting

The future of communication video was weird, but mostly true from what I took out of it. I think it was posted in 2007, which makes it like three years old, and they talked about some futuristic things happening in the coming years, like one of them, in 2011, that's next year! To me now, it doesnt even seem like it is the future. But I feel like the future with all the companies buying out other companies--like amazon buying out yahoo, I just think that the bigger companies will continue to buy out the smaller ones, which is no good for our economy or for our smaller companies. I don't really like hearing or learning about the future, it scares me. And most of the future is only technology, and I cannot imagine like with more technology than it has right now, I think we have enough, if not too much.

Monday, April 19, 2010

email etiquette notes

-meaningful subject line.
-standard punctuation, spelling, capitalization--way to check spelling, write into microsoft word then paste into an email.
-clear, short paragraphs and be direct to the point.
-be friendly and cordial, not very many jokes.
-respond within a reasonable time frame.
-trim back old messages.
-don't send emails that may hurt your reputation.

focused freewriting

I have seen this video before, it's really weird to see all of the statistics about our world and the technology. our media has become very dependent on the social market, of online whats the word, communications. how facebook and youtube are the most popular and the most users is weird, because five years ago, barely anyone knew what those were. i don't know how i really feel about the super hi-tech way our world is becoming, i like the tradtional way, just like how the video said "it used to be we searched the news, now its the news finds us." that is so true because the news will appear on our facebook or internet homepage, while before we would watch the news or read the newspaper. i think it is kind of sad about how the news paper barely gets read anymore I'm sure, when there is the internet, no one really needs the news paper.

Friday, April 16, 2010

freewriting activity

this morning I planned to wear shorts, not realizing it was pretty dang cold out....45 degrees! not cool. well it was cool, cold, but oh well. today is supposed to be almost 60 degrees with lots of wind. lame, but its warm so i still wore shorts. hah, ever since i was in the beautiful Florida, i cant bring myself to not wear summer clothes. tonight i am going bowling with some friends. tomorrow is my cousin's (who I'm not that close with) confirmation...but i figure, she never comes to anything of mine so why should i go to anything of hers? but i will probably end up going anyway cause i have nothing else to do. i dont know what to write i dont know what to write. i dont know what to write, i cant believe we have less than two months left of school. its crazy, but im so excited to be done. i dont know what to write. the noise of everyone typing is kind of annoying, this will probably get old...
dont judge me. haha.